Mycobacterium tuberculosis (mTB) have co-evolved with man for over 40,000 years.

mTB successfully manipulates the human immune system.

Exploiting Nature’s

Peptinnovate is a specialty biopharmaceutical company that is discovering and developing new treatments for respiratory disease.

Peptinnovate is founded on the principle that mycobacterium tuberculosis (mTB) through co-evolution with man can modify the human immune system.

A number of publications have merged in which there is a clear reduction in asthma and allergy amongst those individuals infected with mTB across the globe. mTB has developed mechanisms in which the allergic and asthma phenotype can be reduced.

Peptinnovate has identified molecules derived from mTB that appear to have the desired immuno-modulating effects in preclinical models and have optimised molecules to proprietary drug candidates.

Peptinnovate is focused on discovering, developing and commercialising a range of therapies for the treatment of respiratory diseases and other debilitating inflammatory disorders.